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Starfish swimmers win medals at swimming gala

Written by Georgina Bishop, Maidenhead Advertiser.


Outstanding results and 12 medals were achieved by members of the Starfish swimming club at a gala in Swansea on Saturday, September 1.

The Partneership Swimming Gala is run to international gala standards and attracts swimmers from all over the country who are required to meet qualifying times.

Starfish swimming club is a registered charity based in the Magnet Leisure Centre for people with learning disabilities and difficulties.

Out of the 30 members of the club, five went to the Swansea gala, winning 12 medals, including five gold and achieving 10 personal bests.

The club's chairman Andy McCabe considers this gala its 'most prestigious event'.

He said "Because the event was later in the calendar than usual, we arrangedd for some summer training sessions to ensure that squad arrived in good shape.

"As much as we want them to do well, we want them to enjoy the event first, and on that score the day was an unqualified success."